President Trump: "The Most Pro-Black President in Our Lifetime"

For an administration that is supposedly racist, the Trump administration is certainly having a favorable impact on the black community––even if legacy media outlets refuse to cover it.

 In a meeting today with black, inner city pastors at the White House, President Trump was called  "the most pro-black President that we've had in our lifetime."

Watch the full video here:


  1. This likely not the only video posted of this meeting online, but there are only 160,000 views which seems low. It just saddens me that no matter how many people on the Left see this video, they would still call him a racist. I am curious to know however if these men voted for him or if they voted for HRC and then saw what DT really stood for post election, because that would mean a lot for 2020. Not a fan a John Gray, and don't agree with his statements of social justice being intertwined with the gospel, but I really do hope the black community and America as a whole wakes up. I'm not on any social media but I've subscribed here after seeing a few youtube videos. I'm really enjoying the info, keep the posts coming.


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