Why is the Peaceful, Tolerant Left So Violent?

It is an interesting circumstance indeed, when a political party that prides itself on being "peaceful, loving and tolerant," has nearly 200 recently documented incidents of violence against an opposing ideological party. Such is the case for Democrats. Adding to the madness is that the mainstream media in the US leans Left and actually sanctioned every one of those instances of violence.

Just yesterday, the New York Times' editorial board advocated "for Democrats and progressives to take a page from 'The Godfather' and go to the mattresses" on the issue of President Trump's impending announcement of his Supreme Court nomination. Of course, that obvious mafia reference is yet another not-so-subtle call-to-action by Democrats who have sunken so low that even threats of (or actual) violence and intimidation are simply par for the course in their unending quest to maintain power.

The Times justifies this position by citing "hyperpartisanship, gridlock and a general abdication of responsibility" of Congress, as well as upcoming cases the Court may have to decide in "policy areas ranging from immigration to guns to ballot access to worker rights."

The overriding message here couldn't be more clear: It's okay to use violence whenever Democrats don't get their way.

And it is precisely this ethos that has galvanized the lowest common denominator of the Left and turned them into mindless foot soldiers more concerned with harassing White House staffers at restaurants than they are with having a broad understanding of any policy at all, let alone the ones for which they vigorously fight.

Are Republicans equally to blame? No. Even after Republicans ask for civility Democrats refuse.

Just 12 days ago, CNN political contributor Symone Sanders responded to calls by Republicans for civility by recommending confrontation and incivility, citing 2,500 children "taken" from their parents at the border. What makes this statement even more irresponsible is the Sanders' lack of nuance and granularity in her gross misleading of the audience by not mentioning that the border issue of "separating parents from children" has been going on for more than 20 years; was done by both Bush and Obama; and that the liberal 9th Circuit US Court issued a ruling in 2016 mandating that children be separated from their parents and not held in adult detention facilities. Furthermore, she and the Left, consistently fail to mention that Trump signed an executive order allowing children to remain with their families and asked Congress (again) to offer a solution on immigration. The very premise upon which she based her call for confrontation is tragically flawed.

So, why is the Left so aggressive and violent? Is it because they have a lack of power and need to force attention to an issue that may otherwise never be heard? Of course not, the Left controls almost all mainstream media, Hollywood, entertainment and academia.

The real answer seems to be a realization of what the rest of the country has already learned: Democrats no longer have policy ideas or an agenda that resonates with regular, everyday Americans. Without the media, Hollywood, entertainment and academic institutions force-feeding Leftist ideas down the throat of the public, they would have even less support.

Much of the platform of the Left doesn't even stand up to basic empirical challenge. And since their policies don't tend to fare well against logic and reason, it seems the Left has decided to use compulsory force as a substitute for winning debates.

To be clear, violence is all they have left.