Lisa Page Testimony Puts Brennan & Clapper in Crosshairs

This week, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke out regarding the testimony of Lisa Page in a closed session of Congress. Page testified for a second day in front of the House Judiciary Committee regarding issues of possible interference in the 2016 US Presidential election.

"Let me say this and it goes to with what the President is being mocked for (concerning) Russia. We know, there is no question, the intelligence community ... that despite what the media was saying a major foreign power had gotten every one of over 30,000 Hillary Clinton e-mails through her own server," said Rep Gohmert. "Everything that came and went except for four and Peter Strzok did nothing about it and apparently he didn't tell Lisa what he had learned from the intel community IG."

Rep Gohmert continued by addressing the likelihood of lone Russian attempts to influence the US election, saying, "the President knows that this foreign entity, not Russia, had everything. You talk about playing in the election, it wasn't just Russia, there were other major players. And Strzok did nothing."

When asked about Lisa Page's testimony Rep Gohmert said, "She's a more contrite person. But make no mistake, she's a Democrat, she wanted Hillary to win and she did not want Trump to win and that's been obvious."

Interesting to note is that Rep Gohmert said that Page's testimony helped widen the net in the search for other senior administration officials within the intelligence community that may have known about this issue.

"She has given us more insights into who was involved in what," he said. "Of course when I hear (Former CIA Director John) Brennan or (Former Director of National Intelligence James) Clapper either saying the kinds of things they've been saying recently, then it tells me, wow we must be getting close to them. Those guilty dogs are barking loud."

When asked if there were other supervisors involved besides Strzok, he provided a straight answer, "yes."

Watch the full interview here