Kim Kardashian Just Served Lebron James By Working With President Trump

M. Adrian Norman, The Federalist

Never in a million years did I think I would write the following sentence: Kim Kardashian West has helped secure a commuted sentence for Alice Johnson after meeting with President Donald Trump to lobby for prison reform.

Johnson was serving a life sentence for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense, and now has a second chance at life. West met with President Trump last week in an effort to enact prison reform. Securing a commuted sentence for Johnson was part of their discussion.

After it was announced that West was meeting with the president, much of the commentary on both Right and Left centered on “celebrity worship” and whether it was appropriate for the president to spend his time meeting with West. The real conversation, however, was about an American meeting with the pinnacle of American leadership in an attempt to bring about positive change for our nation. As evidenced Wednesday, in the Trump administration change happens swiftly.

I hope other celebrities, namely athletes like protesting football players and basketball star Lebron James, pay very close attention here, because Kardashian just secured a political victory that should embarrass them into either silence or action.


  1. Nice that you share the meet with Donald Trump. Great that Kim Kardashian Just Served Lebron James By Working With President Trump. Trump News are trending these days.


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