Arizona Parents And Taxpayers Aren’t Pleased With Striking Teachers Ditching School For 6 Days

By: M. Adrian Norman, The Federalist
May 4, 2018

On April 19, Arizona teachers voted to walk out of classrooms to demand high salaries. Organizers from Arizona Educators United, the activist group pushing for raises said the primary reasons for launching the protest are, “drastically underfunded schools, overcrowded classrooms, crumbling infrastructure and low wages for educators.” They went on to say the “#RedforED movement has provided educators the opportunity to voice what action they want to take in an historic statewide vote.”

But that vote was not on a statewide ballot during an election and not all residents of Arizona support this movement. The walkouts, which continued for six consecutive school days, are hurting kids and local communities.

I wanted to get a better understanding of this issue, so I began doing some research and talking to affected (actually, disaffected) folks. What I’ve learned has taken me further than I expected. Several parents pointed out that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey had agreed to meet protestors’ primary demand before the walkout even began. So is this movement really interested in achieving its stated objectives or in something else?