Hey NFL Players: You're Doing It Again!

It was reported today that NFL Players Association (NFLPA) Executive Director DeMaurice Smith thinks the motive behind the new National Anthem rule in the NFL is about the league "exerting control" over the players.

He is both right and wrong.

To the extent that the relationship between NFL players and team owners is an employee/employer relationship means that yes, the owners can (and should) exert control over their employees. In what other job would this be questioned?  A manager at Home Depot has every right to dictate what constitutes acceptable behavior by people working for them while they are on the clock in their store. Starbucks has every right to dictate what behaviors are acceptable to people working at the stores in their chain. And as a business, the NFL has the right to dictate acceptable behavior for its employees when those employees are on the clock, which is on game day.

Smith is wrong, if his assertion is that banning kneeling during the national anthem is only about exerting control and nothing else.

The NFL took a beating last year and lost billions of dollars in revenue, because fans stopped coming to games and stopped watching televised games, unhappy with players protesting the anthem. This move by the league and owners is as much (or more so) about protecting profits.

What people like NFL players and Smith don't seem to get is that even though NFL players are very visible and highly paid they are not self-employed. They are beholden to someone else who writes their checks. They are an employEE. They have an employER. And on game day they are at their job. In almost no other line of work would visible displays of political protest be acceptable, particularly if those protests resulted in the company itself suffering major financial losses.

This issue should be a no-brainer.

And it speaks volumes about how far gone we are as a nation that players and their supporters don't seem to understand this very simple concept -- further evidenced by the fact that players are now looking into other forms of protest.

If football players want to protest supposed police injustice or racial injustice or anything else, they should be doing it on their own time.

And it would probably be a good idea to do it in a forum that doesn't alienate the very people responsible for paying their multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses -- their fans.


  1. The problem is, people are saying this is a First Amendment issue when it is not. Congress is not making a law to stop a players or anyone's freedom of expression. That being said, respect and understanding is a two way street and the freedom of expression doesn't protect you from the consequences. Just as the players feel they have a right to protest, I also have a right to not agree with them and not spend my time (watching it on tv) or my money (going to a game or buying NFL merchandise). My feeling is that they'll do something else, they'll lock arms or raise a fist in the air as some kind of protest and IMO that's no different than kneeling. I for one have not watched a NFL game in two years and will not watch one this season either because they players will have their "protest."

    1. Totally agree! I also won't go to McDonalds or buy pizza at Pappa Johns, etc.

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