Has the American Left Finally Gone Too Far?

(Editor's Note: Contributing to this article is my friend, a former U.S. Navy EOD Diver, who wishes to remain anonymous.)

I had the pleasure of seeing Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager give a talk at Grand Canyon University, just a few days ago. Carolla spoke about California legislation and how on his own property he isn't able to do basic renovations without getting permission from local authorities, in addition to paying tens of thousands of dollars in fees -- to make changes to a home he already owns.

He also discussed laws governing beaches. It was interesting to hear how every year a few more rules were added to public beaches -- first you can't smoke, then you can't drink, then you...actually, you know what?  Here's a list of some of the rules for California beaches:
  • No smoking
  • No alcohol
  • No fires
  • No dogs
  • No admission
  • No surfing
  • No throwing a ball
  • No Frisbee
It's a little crazy to prevent people at a beach from being able to throw a Frisbee. And the rules, as Carolla highlighted, never seem to get removed, they only get added. This type of over-regulation is typical of Democrat-controlled California and is part of a culture that has resulted in California being considered the state with worst quality of life in the entire country. Additionally, policies pushed by California Democrats have sunk the state into $400 billion in debt. 

The policies behind California's massive failures are emblematic of one of the key tenets of leftist philosophy -- complete control of everything. And they are trying to extrapolate this ethos across the entire country.

America has been slowly watching the very essence of our Constitution and individual liberties being systematically and methodically eroded. How? 
  • Free speech is being crushed. You cannot even assemble without the threat of physical violence, if you even hint at saying anything with which the left disagrees.
  • There has been an active attempt at control over our means of production and dependence on other nations for goods and services, via globalization.
  • We are still actively watching attempts to permanently remove our nation's borders.
  • The left pushes a toxic philosophy that emphasizes equality, rather than equity, achievement and merit.
  • We've witnessed a removal of the Christian God from public schools, and courthouses, while simultaneously, we've seen a push for indoctrination into Muslim culture and Islam in its place.
  • The left has attempted to make private companies cover birth control for other people, even if it's against their religious beliefs.
  • Technology companies like Google/Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are actively censoring conservatives and libertarians, deleting their content and outright banning conservatives and libertarians, in an attempt to filter out those viewpoints from public view.
  • Right now, there is a major effort in Chicago and other cities and states to formally allow illegal aliens (foreign nationals living here illegally) to vote in our elections. In no other country in the world is this acceptable.
  • We've seen an attempt to force people to perform specific services, even if it's against the servicer's religious beliefs (Gay Wedding Cake - it wasn't a refusal of sale, it was a refusal to have a custom cake made that went against the religious beliefs of the owner).
  • We are seeing entire political campaigns run based on the idea of social justice and "equality," regardless of education, skill set or individual work ethic. These campaigns also advocate ending capitalism and the immoral redistribution of wealth.
  • America has had government run healthcare imposed, with fines mandated for those who chose not to participate, along with the removal of choices for which doctor provides for you.
  • We have seen the manufactured creation of racial divides, where we raise the importance of some races, while systematically promoting a decrease in value of other races and promoting the falsehood of "white privilege."
  • We have also seen excessive government involvement in the economic and social aspects of our lives.
The United States you think will never fall will be primarily socialist, with a sprinkle of fascism within 20 years and all of the values and inherent rights that people have fought and bled for will have been removed.

Some of us think "Hey, this is the USA. That will never happen." But, we are watching a slow, incremental progression toward the death of our constitutional republic. It's happening right before our eyes.

Politicians have been caught intentionally hiring foreign intelligence to undermine and attempt to steal a Presidential election and nothing is being done about it. 

Democrats have been caught engaging in racketeering, money laundering and fraud with a foreign government, Russia, in a deal that allowed $145 million to be paid in exchange for 20% of our uranium going to a country that has done everything possible, over the last century, to take us down.

And the nefarious element of gun control is that it is absolutely essential to ushering in complete control over a population, which is why every major communist/fascist leader took away firearms right before making a push toward totalitarianism. Rep. Allen West (R - FL), said, "An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject." Rest assured that politicians understand this better than anyone else. Combined with all of the aforementioned policy positions, it is very clear that there is a well-organized effort to completely change and undermine what the word "America" means.

The left-wing of American politics has incrementally moved further to the left in extremist ideology. They are no longer the party of JFK. And despite their baseless complaints about the Trump administration being fascist, it is their own liberal/progressive policies that have (over time) become increasingly fascist and authoritarian in nature and now represent a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

This country was founded by people who fought a war to escape the very type of society we are slowly becoming. This country isn't perfect, but from the standpoint of individual liberty and personal freedom it is by far the best country to have ever existed on the planet, which is exactly why millions of people are enduring great personal hardship to come here (legally and illegally).

But, it's now crystal clear (with this renewed, massive push to repeal the First and Second Amendments) that the left has pushed too far.

The only question that remains is, what are people who actually love this country going to do about it?

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