Trump Watch 2018: Administration Successes/Accomplishments

By: Adrian Norman

While the mainstream media has invoked as its new policy the spreading of disinformation (aka: fake news) about President Trump and his administration, this blog is keeping a running tally on the administration's accomplishments.

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January News
  • Walmart raises wages, gives bonuses thanks to Republican tax reform
  • US factory production rose for a fourth straight month in Dec 2017
  • Apple repatriates $350 billion to the US economy
  • Black unemployment numbers 'best in recorded history'
  • Iran protesters thank President Trump for human rights stance
  • Apple announces that it will pay $38 billion in taxes on offshore money
  • Apple says it is investing $30 billion in capital in the U.S. and is creating 200,000 jobs
  • U.S. jobless claims fall to lowest numbers since 1973
  • President Trump signs executive order to improve mental health resources for veterans
  • VA facilities now offer same-day care for urgent primary and mental-health care needs
  • Stock market's value under Trump has grown by $6.9 trillion to $30.6 trillion
  • Stock index's best performance during the first year of a president since FDR
  • IMF raises 'Global Growth Forecast' crediting the Trump/Republican tax cuts
  • Conservative Heritage Foundation rates Trump's first year better than Reagan's
  • Home Depot employees receive $1,000 bonuses, because of Republican tax cuts
  • Exxon Mobil announces $35 billion in the US, specifically because of republican tax cuts
  • Trump's policies have lowered the Debt to GDP ratio by 1.2% (compared to Obama's +14.5%)
  • Private companies hired 234,000 jobs in January, exceeding projections of 185,000
  • Labor Department data shows gains in employee compensation Q4 2017
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average ended with its best winning streak since 1959
February News
  • Jobless claims drop to new 45 year low
  • President Trump approval rating higher than Obama's at same point in presidency
  • CVS announces plans to increase starting wages, because of the Trump tax cuts
  • Chipotle rolls out new benefits, cash bonuses, because of tax cuts
  • Metlife announced that "in light of tax reform" it is increasing minimum wage and benefits
  • Heritage Foundation found 64% of President Trump's agenda is complete in just one year
  • US Consumer Confidence is at a 17 year high
March News
  • The IEA said that the US is set to dominate global oil markets
  • ADP and Moody's Analytics reported American businesses added 235,000 jobs in February
  • US Steel calls back 500 employees, after President Trump's announcement on tariffs
  • North Korea announced it will meet directly with President Trump to discuss the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Such high level talks between the two nations are unprecedented.
  • Manufacturing jobs are up 31,000 in February; 263,000 since Trump took office
  • 155,215,000: Record number of Americans Employed
  • The US added 313,000 jobs in February
  • US consumer confidence hits 14 year high
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting shows strongest average monthly job growth since 1997
  • Boeing in St. Louis is investing $100 million in workforce development and $100 million in charitable donations, because of Trump's pro-growth policies
April News
  • Rasmussen reports President Trump's approval rating at 50%, higher than Obama's at the same point in his presidency
  • Moody's analytics reported that US firms added 241,000 workers last month, the strongest jobs increase in three years
  • 14 states set records for low unemployment
  • 1.9 million fewer people are using food stamps
  • South Korea credited President Trump for the historic peace talks with North Korea
May News
  • For the first time in US history there are enough jobs for everyone in America
  • President Trump pulled out of the Iran deal
  • The U.S. Embassy in Israel will move to Jerusalem and open on May 14th
  • Under President Trump, optimism about the country's future hit an 11 year high
  • U.S. hostages held in North Korea were freed after negotiations with the Trump administration
  • President Trump signed into law a 'Right to Try Act' allowing terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs
June News
  • It was reported that in May the US unemployment rate fell to an 18-year low of 3.8%
  • The black unemployment rate fell again to a new record low of 5.9%
  • The Labor Department released figures showing that payrolls increased 223,000 in May
  • Economists revised Q2 growth expectations up to 3.6 - 4.8%
  • President Trump announced a formal meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, scheduled for June 12. 
  • North Korea committed to complete de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
  • CNBC reported record high economic optimism under President Trump 
July News

(To be updated)

August News
September News

  • Miami Herald reported higher wages for construction jobs nationwide because of Trump's tight labor market
  • Thanks to GOP tax cuts utilities are lowering rates for electric, gas and water