The 2018 SOTU Address Proves Democrats Have Lost Their Souls

By: Adrian Norman

The responses to this year's State of the Union are perplexing.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus remained stone-faced, when positive news about blacks in America was read. ABC News described the speech as divisive, gloomy and sad. The ACLU complained that the President of the United States of America actually used the word America more than 80 times in his speech.  And in contrast to former President Barack Obama's penchant for exhaustively using the word "I," President Trump used the word "we" 129 times. Democrats still weren't satisfied.

The President praised our heroes. And when he recognized the family of people whose kids were killed by members of the gang MS-13, Democrats didn't even have the decency to applaud in recognition of their loss. And when the chamber began shouting "USA, USA" (which I'll concede, starts to have a German accent to some people in certain settings), Congressman Luis Gutierrez abandoned all appearances of being a respected, well-adjusted national leader and ran out of the chamber to his safe-space.

Democrats didn't clap for veterans, they didn't clap for lowering taxes, they didn't clap for our police and they didn't clap for a little boy that launched a campaign to put more than 40,000 flags on veteran graves. They didn't clap for infrastructure, or even their own issue of paid maternity leave. And they didn't even hint at being interested in or supportive of President Trump's calls for a bi-partisan framework, moving forward.

So, who do they represent?  Clearly not the American people.

Democrats, for more than a year now, have acted like petulant children and they are whining, protesting and "resisting" themselves into obsolescence.

One of the issues of contention between Republicans and Democrats has been "Dreamers" who are covered under DACA. Yet, when President Trump highlighted his recent offer to put not just 800,000 Dreamers on a path to citizenship (which is what they wanted) but a full 1.8 million Dreamers, Democrats looked furious, rather than pleased with such a (beyond) conciliatory compromise.

It's become abundantly clear that absolutely nothing will appease the new left.

They no longer work for Americans. They no longer work for America.

This becomes apparent when they oppose policies that benefits their own constituents, they support policies that hurt Americans, yet give protections and benefits to foreigners; when they don't even have the dignity to pay respect to people who have made life-altering and life-ending sacrifices for the country the left supposedly represents; when they engage in fraud and disinformation campaigns to increase their chances of staying in power.

Democrats in America have lost their souls. So, the rest of us should feel obliged to do the right thing and put them in their political graves.