2017 Data Shows Black Lives Matter Movement is Based on Lies

Controversy has now been swirling for two seasons over the decision of National Football League quarterback Colin Kapernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem, in protest to what has been described as an epidemic of fatal shootings of African-Americans at the hands of police. The decision to protest the anthem has now been echoed by dozens of other players who decided to join for the same reason. 

The issue was brought to a head in September 2017, when President Donald Trump called protesting NFL players "sons of bitches" and stated that they should be fired for their protests on the field.

However, new data from 2017 suggests what many (often unheard) voices have been saying all along - there is absolutely no statistical or empirical basis for suggesting there are rampant instances of unjustified police shootings of black people in the United States.

The Washington Post recently released statistics on police shootings for 2017. Out of 987 shooting deaths only 223 (23%) were shootings of black people. Yet, police shot 457 white people, more than twice the number of black people shot.

This data set also allows us to adjust for additional factors, such as mental illness, weapons, gender, age, fleeing the scene and state. When filtered for weapons, 132 of blacks shot and killed were engaged in incidents involving a gun and 35 involving a knife.  So, 167 of the 223 (75%) police shooting deaths of black people in 2017 were actually justified police shootings. This does not suggest that other factors don't mean the total number of justified shootings isn't actually higher, but it does mean that only 25% of police shootings of black people last year "might" be able to be considered unjustified shootings - hardly an epidemic.

So, in 2017, out of almost 1,000 police shootings total, only 56 of them were black people who were shot in circumstances that might be able to be attributed to bias or police brutality. These numbers do not support the premise that police are unfairly targeting black people in police shootings.

This data is yet another illustration of what opponents of the Black Lives Matter and #takeaknee movements have been saying all along - the narrative of black men and women being slaughtered in the streets by police, simply for being black, isn't true.

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